Rita Thompson - Life Coach and Complimentary Therapist
rita thompson
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I am a life coach and complementary therapist based in the Shawclough, Rochdale area. I have been a therapist since 1992. In addition to working on a one-to-one basis with clients I also hold relaxation and meditation classes in the area. I teach alternative self help classes with the aim of empowering people to deal with minor ailments such as headaches, stress, tension, anxiety and many other conditions using complementary therapies to improve their own health and wellbeing in the most natural and safe ways. I feel it is important to empower people and not create dependency, and this is something I continue to use within my one-to-one work. I focus mainly on coaching and hypnotherapy to help people achieve their goals.
Over the past eight years I have worked within the NHS and the Alcohol and Drug Service treating people with addictions, where we successfully provided Auricular Acupuncture, counselling and a variety of complementary therapies.

In my years as a Complementary Therapist and Counsellor, I have treated a wide variety of people from all walks of life dealing with many different issues. The bulk of my Counselling has been within the drug and alcohol field where clients were facing very challenging problems. Today I treat clients ranging from career change, to relationship problems and those with health related issues, which I am able to treat with Complementary Therapies, Coaching and Counselling. The testimonials below are from clients who have benefited from the different therapies that they have had. My main aim is to treat individuals through positive change and growth in a none judgmental healthy way. Read More...


Client Responses...

"I went to see Rita in absolute desperation due to a phobia which was ruining my life; she helped me overcome the problem in just a matter of weeks. My fears were eliminated and my confidence quickly returned with hypnotherapy and some coaching. I am so grateful"  Margaret Bacup, Lancs.

"I went to see Rita as a last resort to find a way to deal with my long standing problems of feelings of insecurity, feelings of being inadequate in my relationships. She was patient and understanding but most of all she was thorough in helping me see things clearly. Each session was very therapeutic. My life has changed in so many ways I feel more confident and in control of my life"  Jan.



My services...



There must be a 24 hour notice for all cancellations,  otherwise there will be a charge.

Rita Thompson - Life Coach

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